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Elvis, What Happened? - The Beginning Of The End

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As Elvis's fortieth birthday grew closer, the press had a field day with headlines such as “Elvis—Fat and Forty” appearing in the tabloids. It was reported that Elvis's live shows were growing sloppier and that maybe he should retire. Sometimes he had taken so many drugs that he had to clutch the microphone stand just to stand up. He slurred words and forgot lyrics. His fans did not seem to care, and they packed the house whenever he appeared.

Elvis began to be hospitalized more often during his working engagements. He had a range of ailments: a weak heart, an enlarged colon, hypertension, and liver, kidney, and eye problems. He also continued to have problems with drug addiction, which did not help any of these chronic health conditions.

During one of his last performances, Elvis changed some of the lyrics to “Can't Help Falling in Love with You,” singing “Wise men know when it's time to go.” It was a chilling phrase that suggests Elvis knew his own end was near.

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