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Elvis, What Happened? - Back At Work?

vegas belt rubies concert

In 1973, Elvis appeared in the first-ever live concert broadcast around the world via satellite, Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii. Elvis worked hard to get in shape, doing karate and dieting. The costume designer created an all-white jumpsuit that featured a belt set with real rubies. Elvis gave away the belt at the last minute, and the costume designer scrambled to locate enough rubies to create another belt. The concert raised $85,000 for a Hawaiian charity, and Elvis was in top form. Elvis was still depressed, though. Everyone wondered how much longer his career could last.

Elvis recorded again in 1973. Unlike his early recording sessions, during which he would do thirty-six or more takes of a song, this time Elvis was listless and his technique was sloppy. Some days, he didn't show up at all, telling the musicians that he was sick.

That summer he went back to Las Vegas, drawing 100,000 fans to the Vegas Hilton in one month. For this he received more money than any other Vegas entertainer had been paid.

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