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The Downward Spiral - Married At Last

priscilla hotel judge wedding

Priscilla Beaulieu married Elvis Presley in 1967. It was a Las Vegas wedding, kept secret for as long as possible. Elvis and Priscilla arrived in Las Vegas in the middle of the night and went straight to the Clark County courthouse for the marriage license. From there they went to the Aladdin Hotel, where, after a few hours of rest, they were married in a suite of the hotel later that morning.

The ceremony was performed by a Nevada Supreme Court judge and lasted for eight minutes. Priscilla's ring had a three-carat diamond and twenty smaller ones, and she wore a white chiffon dress with a six-foot train. The groom was in a black tuxedo. The judge said, “Elvis … was low-key, handsome as a picture, very respectful and very intense … and so nervous he was almost bawling.” Exactly nine months after the wedding, on February 1, 1968, Lisa Marie Presley was born.

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