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“Good Rockin' Tonight” - Girls Go Crazy For Elvis!

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Elvis appeared in a tour opening for country singers Hank Snow and Slim Whitman, among others. It was Colonel Parker's influence that got Elvis on this tour, since Elvis was not exactly a country singer. Part of Elvis's appeal was that he couldn't be so easily classified, and therefore he could fit into many different musical slots with the right marketing.

Parker had been helping Bob Neal to book shows for Elvis, even though Neal was still Elvis's official manager. From the start, this tour was different. People were beginning to recognize the exciting young singer; Elvis was becoming something more than a novelty or a local act.

This tour was also the beginning of what would become par for the course at Elvis Presley concerts—the fans were causing riots wherever he appeared. A perfect example of the kind of attention Elvis would come to command happened in Jacksonville, Florida. Onstage, Elvis announced, “Girls, I'll see you all backstage,” and the eager fans rushed the stage, grabbing for Elvis's clothes and ripping them before he got away.

It was this incident that convinced Colonel Parker to manage Elvis Presley. Their association did not begin right away because Bob Neal was still managing Elvis, and his contract had not run out yet. Another reason was that Gladys Presley didn't like the Colonel. The Colonel wooed the Presleys and bided his time. Parker knew he could launch Elvis's career into the big time.

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