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Top of the Charts - 11-17-70 And Friends

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Elton released his fourth and fifth albums right after one another. In April 1971, 11-17-70 was released to the public, and in May, Friends was also released. Both albums soared in popularity, selling out in America and England. Friends went gold only two months after its release—a huge accomplishment for Elton.

While the albums climbed the charts, Elton was on the road again doing a fifty-five-city tour of America. It was this tour that brought Elton to the million-dollar mark. But even with his newfound success, Elton was still as quiet as ever offstage. Many interviewers found it perplexing and began to report it in the press. Articles spoke of a quiet, polite young man who seemed to not understand the extent of his accomplishments. The reports were true, though. The speed with which fame came for Elton made it hard for him to grasp his popularity. Another factor was the simple fact that he was still so young—only twenty-four years old. Only the year before he had been living with his mother back in Frome Court. Now he sat atop the complex world of success.

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