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Success Comes Slowly - Success Begins To Brew

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Dick James was a big man in the music business, having helped many musicians record and release their albums at his studio at 71–75 New Oxford Street. Reg was introduced to Dick James during the summer of 1967, and within a few days he was meeting and hanging out with all of his idols, like Graham Nash and Allan Clarke of the Hollies, and Roger Greenway. Then, with only a few weeks of the summer left, Bernie Taupin came to town for his interview with Ray Williams.

As soon as Ray showed Bernie's lyrics to Reg, Reg liked them. And when the pair began to work together, their ability to make good music was apparent to everyone. Their first piece together was called “Scarecrow,” and everyone who listened to it was drawn to its melody and emotion.

Bernie and Reg worked well together because their talents blended perfectly. Bernie could write amazing lyrics, and Reg could write marvelous music. Strangely enough, the two men rarely worked together in the same room. Instead, Bernie would send the lyrics to Reg in the mail. Reg would receive them at the studio on New Oxford Street or on the road with Bluesology, and working late into the night he would put music to the lyrics. Now all Bernie and Reg needed was a chance.

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